Every product is unique. Our computerized function picking and packing control ensures that your products are packaged for shipment correctly - without embarrassing errors.

   Repacking is a great service for wholesale customers. We can pick, consolidate and all items that are not to be shipped to a common destination. This saves on shipping costs and gives your customers professional service.
   Assembly of products that consist of several separate pieces that must be "kitted" before shipments is a common service for many of our customers.
   Packing material of the highest quality 200 lb. test, UPS reshippable cartons, bubble wrap, sealing tape, etc. is used to your needs and specifications.
   Labels are carefully checked and stored. Quality controls ensure that labels have been properly applied on the right packages.
   Remarking packages to put new product IDs, on the package is offered. We can print UPC code labels to your specifications.