- Our policy is simple - we treat your goods as if they were our own!

   Incoming shipments are received, inspected and warehoused immediately with no waiting.
   Documentation is thorough and complete. We check all documents against physical counts when merchandise is received. We send copies to you and immediately enter these records into our computer system.
   Inspection is one of our specialties. Damaged goods do not get entered into inventory. Our thorough spot checks of all incoming merchandise insure that damaged goods do not get shipped to your customers.
   Storage/warehousing - Every product has a designated area in our warehouse. Specially secured areas are also available for products that require additional security.
    Palletization and warehouse shelving as required for your product are utilized to ensure that products are not damaged during storage.
   Security is an essential part of our service. We will not lose you products!
   Your products can be separately insured as required and to the extent that you feel essential.